Friday , Oct 20 , 2017


Transportation & Traffic Organization


Personal Data:

Ahmad Gouran

Born in Sari, Mazandaran Province

Telephone: +981133250023 - +981133240168 - +981133248882

Fax: +981133261665



  • Doctorate of Business Administration in the branch of Strategic Management
  • Master of Transportation Planning
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering



-Head of Sari Taxi Organization, Sari Municipality

-Member of Board of Directors of Taxi Organization, Islamic Republic of Iran

-Administrative & Financial Affairs Deputy of Sari Taxi Organization, Sari Municipality

-Head of Traffic Organization, Sari Municipality

-Head of Technical Examination Headquarters for Vehicles

-Member of Technical Committee of Deployment and Use of Intelligent Inspection System, Maznadaran Province



-To prepare the plans and provide the required patterns of transportation & traffic for Sari city, and to supervise the performances of them as well.

-To do scientific researches related to inter-city transportation and also to put them into practice regularly.

-To supervise the works relating to parking lot, including both public and private ones.