Saturday , Nov 25 , 2017


Introduction of International Relations Affairs of Sari Municipality

International Relations Affairs of Sari Municipality provides you with the ideal opportunity to gain insight into city policies and regional studies, to enhance your attitude, and to become part of an exciting network of experts while spending your stay in Sari. We educate you for success in gaining updated information about cultural centers, historical places, tourism attractions, multimedia materials, and etc.

Objectives and responsibilities of International Affairs

Content strategies of International Relations Affairs of Sari Municipality

1- Defining and stressing the attributes of Sari city identity based on the civilization and historical heritage and Sari noble dignitaries.

2- Enhancing the spirit of citizens’ dignity, proud and self-esteem, hope and individual and social happiness.

3- Campaign against corruption, discrimination and reforming the culture of management system based on justice seeking and upholding of virtue and denouncing vice.

4- Promotion of general and cultural awareness based on Tabari culture and civilization and paying serious attention to safeguarding of Mazandarani language- the language of people of Sari.

5- Re-understanding and reproduction of cultural heritage, traditions and rituals of Saravi people in various parts of the city.

6- Acquainting the people of the world with the principles and objectives of Sari city.

7- Introducing the fundamentals, characteristics and objectives of Sari to people of the world by making use of audio-visual media, books and other publications, holding of cultural gatherings and other means within the country and abroad through coordination with Sari Municipality and other relevant organizations.

8-Research and study works on foreign media and discovering their methods and taking appropriate measure to utilize them if necessary.

9- Gathering and classification of all cultural documents of Sari such as films, books, pictures and other publications related to it.

10- Concentration and reviewing news and information about the advancement of projects and plans carried out by Sari Municipality and other establishments of the management team.

11- Conducting cultural, social, and economic cooperation with cities of other nations in terms of sister city or twin cities aimed at promotion of Sari.

12- Collecting news, reports, articles and pictures about Sari and other cities and their distribution among the mass media.

13-Establishment, expansion and operation of any kind of local and foreign tourism facilities and meeting requirements of individual and collective local and foreign tourists within the country including land, air and sea traveling and providing tourism services and other required activities to publicize city’s advancement and introducing cultural developments and tourist attractions.