Friday , Oct 20 , 2017


Sari Taxi Organization

Personal Data:

Hamidreza Fazlollahnejad

Born in Sari, Mazandaran Province

Telephone: +981133240402 - +981133262958



  • Bachelor of Management



2013 – Present, Head of Sari Taxi Organization, Sari Municipality

-Director of Sea Project and Beach Cleanup Supervisor for 3 years

-Administrative & Financial Affairs Deputy of Sari Taxi Organization, Sari Municipality

-Executive Director of Traffic Organization for 2 years

-Technical Supervisor for Urban Traffic for 2 years



-To control and supervise the taxi service system.

-To become self-sufficient in the field of finance and to utilize the facilities properly in order to gain advantages for the organization.

-To improve the service level of the taxi and passenger satisfaction.


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