Wednesday , Dec 13 , 2017

Deputy for Urban Development & Architecture

Personal Data:

Abdulhamid Farzaneh Kanari

Born in Sari, Mazandaran Province

Telephone: +981133516012


Civil Engineer

2011 - present, Deputy of Urban Development and Architecture in Sari Municipality

2008 - 2011, Deputy of Technical and Urban Services in Sari Municipality

2008 - 2011, Head of Board of Directors in Behesht Reza, Fire Organization, Bus Organization, Parks and Green Space Organization, Transportation and Traffic Organization, Waste Management Organization, and Civil Organization

1996 - 2008, Head of Licence Issuing Office

1996, Expert of Issuing Licence

Representative of Ministry of the Interior at Article Commission of 100

Representative of Mayor at Revision and Article Commission of 100

Representative of the Mayor in Technical Committee

Representative of the Mayor at Article Commission of 5

Representative of Construction Engineering Organization at Licence Issuing Commission

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